17th June 2020

Covid-19 Free Countries of the World

While the virus continues to tighten its grip around the world, reading this blog may relax you a bit. Below mentioned countries have announced freedom from Corona. So, find out which all countries have succeeded in defeating the virus.

1. Tanzania

The country has stopped on 509 Coronavirus cases for over six weeks. It claimed of being Corona-free on the 7th of June.

2. Vatican

On the 6th of June, the Vatican informed that there had not been any cases after the recovery of 12 of its patients. Besides, the country’s last infected person also has been tested negative for the virus.

3. Fiji

Fiji announced freedom from Corona in the first week of June. All the 18 people tested positive for the virus have recovered, and there haven’t been any deaths reported on the island. The country observed lockdown in some areas in April, but border restrictions continue to prevail.

4. Montenegro – A country of Southeast Europe on the coast of the Balkans

Montenegro declared itself free from Coronavirus on the 24th of May. The country had 324 confirmed cases and nine deaths.

5. St Kitts and Nevis - An island country in the West Indies

On the 19th of May, St Kitts and Nevis informed that the country is now free from Coronavirus. All of its 15 Covid-19 patients have recovered.

6. Seychelles

Seychelles confirmed that all of its 11 cases have recovered on the 18th of May, without any reports of death.

7. Timor Leste – aka East Timor, a Southeast Asian nation

Timor Leste confirmed the recovery of the 24 confirmed cases that it had. It announced its Corona-free status on the 24th of May.

8. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has 24 positive cases. The country did not report any deaths. It declared itself free from the virus on the 4th of May.

These countries have created history, and the world will always remember it. But, remembering alone won’t do any good. We must do what these countries have, to come out of the situation. Edvour is optimistic about the world’s victory over the virus. With collaborative efforts and cooperation, we will soon break free from the clutches of Covid-19 and fly high, once again, like always!