International Edu-Travel readies Students for Global Environment

While academic excellence, scientific knowledge, creativity and innovation have all become critical aspects of schooling, increasing number of schools today are also looking to give students the invaluable experience that comes from international travel and exposure.

“As a trend, international travel has picked up among Indians in the last decade, and Indian students are also realizing the benefits of educational exposure to the best minds in the world,” says Varun Jindal, co-founder and CEO of Edvour, which networks with schools and students to provide them guided educational tours across seven continents including a tour to Antarctica. Edvour conducts unique educational tours with exposure to science, history, culture and new-age fields. “Our educational tours are done with trained educational guides and teachers, and we offer access to organizations that would not be easily accessible otherwise,” says Jindal.

He adds that students get access to world-renowned organizations such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN), European Space Center (ESC) and United Nations among others. Meeting astronauts and scientists, cultural exchange, first-hand experience of how international institutions work, and exposure to history and wildlife are some of the benefits that students get from Edvour’s guided tours.

“Students taking a NASA tour get a certificate of excellence or participation, similarly we have hands-on activities in other institutions, all of which add to the student’s knowledge as well as experience,” says Jindal, who adds that travelling with teams bring out important life skills among the students, who discover that they have leadership traits or are great coordinators.

Edvour conducts these tours in coordination with schools, and has connected with more than 450 schools across India and around the world for its tours. Edvour’s international tours for students focuses on utmost safety for students, ensures hygienic food and health, besides the educational experience and excitement.

“Another important factor is having deep networks in the touring country. We are well-networked to help out students in any difficulties, whether it is a loss of passport or any other difficulties,” says Jindal. “Overall, our aim is that the experience of the students is so enriching and exciting, that they carry this experience throughout their life.”