The Intention

February 26, 2015 Edvour Blog 0 Comments

The Intention

Nothing in the world—indeed nothing even beyond the world—can possibly be conceived which could be called good without qualification except a good will” – Immanuel Kant

Why is Good Will such an important cornerstone for Kant in all his works? The answer is simple; this idea of good will implies two important things for Kant. First, the moral disposition we acquire should be absolute and no desirable object should allow us to forfeit such dispositions.  Second, it is imperative that we nurture these moral convictions and maintain them as all other traits stand in dependence to these. All other desirable traits are worth having on the simple fact that acquiring such desirable does not mean giving up on long standing fundamental beliefs.

Why Is Kant relevant now than ever before?

Modern technologies have totally transformed the way businesses operate in the 21st century. The complex economic interactions has reduced the world into a global village where an Indian company Micromax can edge out a heavyweight like Samsung ; and where a Haldiram can surprise the pundits by clocking more revenue than combined might of McDonalds and Dominos. It is such unpredictability that should force businesses to introspect on how to succeed in this competitive marketplace.
Contrary to capitalistic tendencies which focus on the relentless pursuit of profit, there are other qualifiers in play today which enable businesses stand out from the heap. This is where we should return to Kant. While it is important to address the ‘How’ part of generating profit, the more important question is to address the ‘Why’.  The businesses which have the right intent from the start are almost always on firm footing irrespective of the changing dynamics. The intent is not a mere statement that hangs proudly as the centre piece of the workplace. It is an ideology that resonates through everything the business does.

Core Values

This premise brings to the forefront something that is or should be the heart of our enterprise: their core values. Edvour as a provider of educational exposure programs understand its role in the knowledge economy, where it plays a small but significant part in shaping lives of young learners in their pursuit towards excellence in their fields of choice. Its core values i.e. Integrity, Trust and Respect, Value Creation, Innovation, Customer Delight, and Developing a Learning Paradigm provide the vital foundation in offering quality programs to young learners.