Pillared on mutual trust and a drive towards excellence, Edvour, for its student educational tours, collaborates with educational institutions of the highest repute such as the Delhi Public School network, Podar Education Group, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mount Litera Zee, G D Goenka Group among others



Committed to a future where every young learner figures out his/her own passion, Edvour ensures the special relationship with students is protected and enriched at every stage of learning during the study tours. Edvour has connected with more than 41,000 students so far



Edvour ensures an innovation driven process where educators from all fields of life contribute to continuously better our offerings for our partners. All educational tours offered by Edvour are meticulously planned and devised by experts from all across the globe



Working with the best minds at organisations like National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN), European Space Center (ESC), Edvour ensures that it charters an alternative paradigm for its study tours


Educational Exposure Programs

Edvour offers a host of opportunities in the form of educational tours for young learners to excel in their respective fields of choice by providing a platform where they can interact with the best minds across the globe. Edvour’s educational tours span across several continents with some of the most reputed organisations in the world such as NASA, CERN, ESC, UN and BMW thereby pushing the envelope of innovations in the field of education.


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About Edvour

Born from the zeal to affect a perception change through which young learners proceed towards their path to various career alternatives, Edvour, from its inception in 2010, has since connected thousands of eager enthusiasts to the best minds from all across the globe.
Edvour’s educational trips help redefine the knowledge ecosystem by enhancing its effectiveness through state-of-the-art solutions enabling a young learner to broaden her/his horizon through our innovative and novel products and services

Our Misson

Edvour aspires to create an order which transforms the educational sphere into an ecosystem where unmet needs of the world are fulfilled by the next generation leaders. The aim is to arm these young leaders with exposure to knowledge provided by competent and expert professionals so as to open a myriad of opportunities for them to excel.

Our Vision

Edvour is dedicated to provide world class educational exposure programs in our quest to add value for our partnering esteemed educational institutions. The purpose is to build a self-sustainable educational model that reinforces talent honed through knowledge acquisition and which inculcates decision making abilities through efficient services and visionary people at Edvour

Value Chart

Value Chart

Our Value System

Edvour firmly believes towards establishing such an order through which it earns the trust and respect of all its stakeholders, both internal and external. Being in the noble profession of empowering lives, we constantly strive to achieve moral excellence in our commitment to fairness and believability.

At Edvour, it is our constant endeavour to conduct our business with utmost integrity. We proudly uphold values of truthfulness, honesty and sincerity in our effort to build a strong and morally upright culture. While partnering with Edvour, our business partners can be confident of the predictability of our consistent position on adherence to our long cherished values and beliefs

We take our objective of delivery high quality offerings seriously ensuring not only customer satisfaction but customer delight. By engaging with our partners at every step of the way, we take the onus of delivering on the promise we hold dear.

Creating value for all is at the heart of our value system at Edvour. By forging partnerships that enable empowerment in terms of both exposure as well as the decision making ability in the hands of our cherished partners, Edvour ensures that people who work with us benefit from our desire to improve lives at every step.
We are duty bound to create an ecosystem that places needs of our partners as well as our employees first in every decision we take to reshape the education industry for the better.

Edvour was founded on the principle of creating new and novel products and services. It promotes a culture of ingenuity where talent and skill-set are given an opportunity to shine. Our aim is to revolutionise the education industry by introducing creative and effective solutions for our business partners

By developing learning methodologies and exposing young leaders to knowledge avenues and diverse career options from the best in the business, we at Edvour hope to charter an alternative paradigm in the education industry. We hope to create an order that places knowledge in the hands of the learner ensuring an informed decision making process based on ability, need and interest


Varun Jindal

Varun Jindal

Founder & CEO

We Are Hiring

Reasons for joining Edvour

Unable to find a home for your exceptional talent
Don't have an environment to incubate your zillion ideas
Travelling around the world brings out the best in you

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