Edvour’s educational exposure program at Asia is one of its most diverse program offering to young learners. The program offers an inter-disciplinary study where young learners get exposed to varied Culture, Art, Architecture, Literature, Scientific and Environmental forms exhibited by different countries of the biggest continent of the world.


Young learners aboard this program have the opportunity to experience nature’s marvels at its best. Visits to Dubai, with its special Desert Safaris; China, with visit to Yuexiu Park, which is the largest park of Guangzhou with three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountains; and Singapore with visit to the Marina Barrage built at the confluence of five rivers are some of the majestic sights.

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Young learners get an opportunity to visit sites of architectural significance. Malaysia with visits to the Petronas Twin Towers and Independence Square are places of unique interest. Dubai dazzles with visits to Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and Burj Arab. Singapore with places of interest like the Merlion City Hall and the Supreme Court provide unique insight to budding architects.


Science, Technology, and Student Exchange Programs

Young learners can get themselves acquainted with student exchange program with leading schools at Singapore. Visits to the Guangzhou Science City, and the Guangzhou Museum in China helps them understand the scientific progress made in China. Industry visits such as the visit to the Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park (SHIP), China helps learners to comprehend the manufacturing process of China. Young learners are provided with Educational sessions from field experts at Dubai and Malaysia.


History and Culture

Edvour’s program helps learners gain historical context in which countries like Malaysia and Hong Kong developed. Visits to places like Batu Caves in Malaysia, and Po Lin Monastery with its Giant Buddha in Hong Kong offer key insights into the spread of various world religions.
Young learners get to witness diverse cultures in this program with visits to Dubai in the Dubai Cruise; Singapore in the Night Tram Ride; Malaysia with the city tour to Kuala Lampur; and Macau with visit to the Disney World