Edvour’s educational exposure program at the United States of America provides a holistic learning environment covering a wide range of disciplines such as Space Science, Astronomy, Physics, History, Economy, Geography, Architecture, Graphic Designing, Animation, and Film Making among others.

Edvour partners with subject matter experts at every step to ensure that each learner is able to derive her/his maximum potential through introduction to cutting edge innovations in upcoming fields.


Space Science, Astronomy and Physics

Young learners aboard this program will get a unique opportunity to work with eminent scientists and astronauts at National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Space Centers at Florida, California, Texas and Alabama

The program introduces new modules of learning relating to fields of Space Sciences, Astronomy, Maths, and Physics. Learners are made to experience ‘Life as an Astronaut’ through a gamut of theoretical interactions and hands-on-activities carefully and meticulously planned by subject matter experts to enhance efficiency of the learning process.
The learners are also exposed to the vast history of the expeditions conducted by NASA beginning from the conquest of outer space to the latest innovations in Space Shuttle technology.

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History, Economy, Architecture

Learners are made aware of the unique history of the American civilization apart from the economic prowess that the country carries in international affairs. Visits to unique destinations within New York and Washington D.C. provide the right context for learners to put their acquired knowledge to practice. Visits to Museums and places of Architectural brilliance cater to the inquisitive young learners in exploring such disciplines as possible career choices.


Graphic Designing, Animation and Film Making

Places that push the envelope when it comes to innovations in unconventional fields such as animations, film making and graphic designing create a unique field for disruptive innovation in the mind of young learners. Visits to places in Orlando such as the famous Universal Orlando ® Resort, Disney’s Theme Parks and in Los Angeles and San Francisco provides fertile ground for inner talents to be developed and nurtured.

Universal Orlando ® Resort

Experience the fun of two amazing theme parks – Universal Studios Florida ® and Universal’s Islands of Adventure ® -spectacular on-site hotels, the unique dining and entertainment of Universal CityWalk ® plus more. It’s an entire universe of action, thrills, and excitement for every member of the family or group. Holiday Like You Mean it at Universal Orlando ® Resort



Young learners are provided an opportunity to witness nature’s marvels and understand the intricacies associated with various intrusive and extrusive land forms. Visits to iconic geographic places of interest such as Niagara Falls, 17 Mile Drive overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Harbours and Piers encapsulate the entire experience of the unique country.