Edvour’s educational exposure program to Europe is an all-encompassing experience for young learners where disciplines such as Space Science, History, Architecture, Economy, International Relations, Geography, Production Design, Animation, and Film Making among many others are showcased by subject matter experts to open up unique career avenues.


Space Science, Astronomy and Physics

Young learners aboard this program get a unique opportunity to witness, learn, research and implement the work of the some of the finest particle physicists of the world. Visit to CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, Switzerland, a Nobel Award winning facility and known for inventions such as the World Wide Web and the God particle help learners take a sneak peek into the cutting edge innovations in the field of space science, astronomy and physics. Visit to the European Space Center, Belgium caps a holistic experience for learners aspiring to be future space scientists.

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International Relations and Economy

A globalized world with complex interconnections needs an environment where every country works with one another on wide ranging issues concerning the global order. Young learners realize this importance during their visit to the United Nations (UN) at Geneva, where they understand the historical significance of the UN and how as an intergovernmental organisation, it promotes global co-operation.


Manufacturing and Production Design

Young learners who are budding enthusiasts for manufacturing and production design are provided with a majestic experience of one of the world’s finest manufacturing facility at the BMW Plant in Munich, Germany. Learners don the role of production designers and take control of different stages of vehicular design and assembly in a breath-taking facility.


History and Architecture

Young learners frequent places where they understand the historical context of the places where two World Wars were fought. Visits to museums in Germany, and Britain where artifacts dating to the World War era are showcased.
Young learners are also impressed upon places of architectural brilliance such as the world renowned water managements system in Netherlands.


Geography and Culture

Young learners get a unique opportunity to experience the amazing Alps with unique excursions to mountains in Switzerland and France. The program is capped with The ‘City of Lights’ Paris tour will include visit to Eiffel Tower, Disney Land, UNESCO, the Louvre Museum and Adventure Camps.