Edvour’s educational exposure at India provides young learners an opportunity to experience the diversity and cultural uniqueness of the largest democracy of the world. India’s rich cultural heritage, coupled with its complex history of various civilisations provides a fertile ground for cross cultural experiments.
Edvour’s India program is specifically designed to capture India’s vastness and enrich the knowledge base of young learners.

History and Architecture

From an historical context, India provides a perspective that a very few countries can provide. From the centre point of the Indus Valley Civilisation, the origin of the Vedas, the birthplace of religions like Buddhism and Jainism, the home of the travelling Aryans, experiencing the invasions of the Indo-Greeks, the Mughal Empire invasion, the British Imperialist conquest, to the struggle for freedom, India’s rich history therefore provide ample fodder for young inquisitive minds.
Visits to places like the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, and Akbar Fort to explore the marvels of Mughal Architecture, combined with visits to explore Dravidian Architecture in South India offer young learners the right platform to explore architecture as one of many possible career choices.

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Science and Technology

Edvour builds upon India’s strength in the field of Science and Technology to keep young learners abreast of recent innovations. Visits to Science Cities in Punjab, Kolkata, and Gujarat help young learners develop a keen interest in fundamental sciences, and witness first hand key scientific experiments.
Visits to the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Launchpad provide a close-up view on India’s progress in the field of satellite launching capabilities. Young learners are also provided visits to various Planetariums to explore the vastness of outer space.


Himalayan Adventure

The Himalayas are a unique feature of the Indian subcontinent and have been a subject of interest of mountaineers, geologists, scientists, and tourists for a long time. Edvour’s Himalayan Adventure provides an opportunity for young learners to visit places like Mussorie, Nanital, and Manali and take part in some exhilarating and adrenaline pumping adventure sports. These programs are carefully supervised by experts, and include team building activities focussed on holistic development of young learners.


Environmental Studies

India is home to some of the finest species in the world. The rich flora and fauna is captured by Edvour in its supervised visits to the many National Parks, Biosphere Reserves, Tiger Reserves, and Elephant Reserves throughout the country.
Young learners are impressed upon the need for conservation of endangered species during visits to World Heritage Sites and exposed to various unconventional career choices such as the likes of Marine conservationist, Mangrove conservationist among others


Student Exchange Programs for International Students

For international students, Edvour’s educational exposure programs are a great chance for students to know and learn the Indian way of learning, and their scientific prowess in domains such as mathematics and science. This program will provide them an opportunity to make friends in India, and this cross-cultural experience will feed in their quest for growth. The international students will partner with students of schools of international repute, and they will reside in the partnering school’s hostel.
A series of interactions, activities and sessions with the Indian students will help the students to adapt to different conditions and hence enhance their international exposure.